Eddie harris - for bird and bags

John Hoogerhyde Eddie, Eddie, what kind of soup do you want with your growled cheese sandwich?? I would picture Lily asking that to Eddie for some reason idk but it was fun to come up with.

To wipe out Toontown, Doom has built a vehicle with a large Dip vat that he plans to spray throughout the area, wiping out all the Toons, called the Dip Machine . As Roger and Jessica struggle to avoid being hit by the spray of Dip, Eddie manages to free himself and causes (all but the leader, whom Eddie kicks into the Dip Machine) the Toon Patrol to literally “die of laughter” through various antics, leaving the Dip Machine automatically running.

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In 1992, Harris co starred as Dave Moss in the drama film Glengarry Glen Ross , based on the play of the same name by David Mamet . He won the Valladolid International Film Festival Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film. He next appeared in the films The Firm (1993) and Needful Things (1993), before portraying the lead role of Kyle Bodine in the neo noir film China Moon (1994). [ citation needed ]

Don Nelson hired Harris for the Milwaukee Bucks team, where he became head coach four years later when Nelson left for Golden State. A year later Harris was also named Vice President of Basketball Operations.

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Eddie Harris - For Bird And BagsEddie Harris - For Bird And BagsEddie Harris - For Bird And BagsEddie Harris - For Bird And Bags


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