Kraftwerk - the man•machine

A large-scale art installation by Chrstopher and Kangding Ray which explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception.                                                      Monday - Thurday 3pm - 9pm                                                    Friday - Saturday 1pm - 11pm                                                  Sunday 1pm - 9pm                                                                   Performances Feb 4th 6pm & 8:30pm                                   and Feb 24th 8pm & 10:30pm
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Kraftwerk resurfaced in 1975 with Radio-Activity , a concept album exploring the theme of radio communication; indicative of the group's new global popularity, it was released in both German and English-language editions, the latter appearing early the following year. Train travel emerged as the subject of 1977's Trans-Europe Express , which marked an increased movement toward seeming musical mechanization; the line became even further blurred with the follow-up, 1978's aptly titled The Man Machine , a work almost completely bereft of human touches. By this time, the members of Kraftwerk even publicly portrayed themselves as automatons, an image solidified by tracks like "We Are the Robots." Having reached the peak of their influence, however, the group disappeared from view, the first of many extended absences to follow; they did not return to action prior to 1981's Computer World , a meditation on the new global dominance of technology -- a society their music long ago predicted and pre-dated. After topping the British charts with the single "Computer Love," Kraftwerk again vanished, enjoying a five-year layoff culminating in the release of 1986's Electric Cafe . By now, however, pop music was dominated by synthesizers and drum machines, and the group's stature flagged; but for a 1991 best-of collection titled The Mix , they remained silent during most of the decade. They finally released a new single, "Expo 2000," in late 1999, and surprised fans by announcing tour dates. On the recording front, Kraftwerk celebrated the centennial anniversary of the Tour de France with a new version of their 1983 single "Tour de France," and followed with a full album ( Tour de France Soundtracks ) in August 2003. The live record Minimum-Maximum followed in 2005. The Catalogue box set appeared in 2009, which pulled together eight classic albums from the band's career. Each title was digitally remastered, a number of the releases were treated to redesigned cover art, and it also included rare photographs not part of each record's original release. In 2012, the band performed their studio albums from Autobahn to Tour de France at New York's Museum of Modern Art. The following year they repeated that performance in Düsseldorf and at the Tate Modern in London. Over the next few years they continued to tour, which culminated in them putting out the live release 3D the Catalogue . The collection captured the band's live performances from 2012-2016, and was presented with a Blu-ray option that included high definition 3-D video.

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Kraftwerk - The Man•MachineKraftwerk - The Man•MachineKraftwerk - The Man•MachineKraftwerk - The Man•Machine

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