Opposition - promises

Our horror holiday road death toll so far begs the question of whether efforts to improve safety have reached their limits of their effectiveness.

Before the woman’s association of the Armenian Church, Coderre reiterated the message he has been stressing as the election campaign winds down: Things are going well in Montreal, so vote for continuity.

(“From what I saw there seems, it seems he took the opportunity to criticize his enemies instead of focusing on his programs.”)

He said that New Democracy is "the only political party that has a clear reform programme that looks past the end of the current programme."

“When I came home, I did not know it was my child who had been killed. Police were passing by shooting,” Peter Mutuku, the boy’s father, was quoted saying on NTV.

The next meeting to renegotiate NAFTA is set for Jan. 23-28, 2018, in Montreal, Canada. As talks continue, this promise remains In the Works.

Opposition - PromisesOpposition - PromisesOpposition - PromisesOpposition - Promises


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